The school where the real lessons of life are learnt are the homes. It is the first place where the character is formed & developed. Parents know the strengths and weaknesses of their child. School indeed permeates the personality growth and help them discover and develop the qualities they have in them. To get the best out of child, maximum cooperation between the parents and the school is necessary.

So the parents should attend every meeting arranged by the school for the give and take of regular feedback. Children have tremendous trust in us.

As they are the centre of our world. We are the centre of their world. They want to share their stories, troubles and all happenings during day with us. So we should spare some time form our busy schedule to have a little caring talk with them, will help in their emotional development.

  • We should allow them to spend some time for playing with kids of their age group.
  • A proper time table should be made and followed ( having place for TV , physical activities, helping the parents, arranging their rooms and bags and some outings also.
  • Help them to develop the strategy.
  • “ Don’t leave today’s work for tomorrow”. It will help to reduce their stress and increase their competence.
  • We should have some quality family time together.
  • We should act as positive role models for them as they will not always follow to learn. A lot of things by just observing our behavior towards them and others also.
  • Allow them to attempt things and even let them fail.
  • Help them in increasing their strengths, patience to learn that success is dependent on our actions.