Brigadier Ran Singh Public School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and provides education from classes primary to secondary. The curriculum followed is as prescribed by the CBSE. The medium of instruction is English and the educational material used is approved by NCERT. Evaluation is done following the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system as per CBSE Guidelines. 


These are the formative years of children and our focus here is on activity based learning. The lessons are well planned around experience, experimentation, exploration and educational trips, providing the students with the opportunity to observe and interact with their environment,and hence learning in the process. 

At this level, we constantly evaluate and modify the teaching strategy to formulate the best education to foster intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and aesthetic development of the students. The curriculum aims to integrate academics with co-curricular activities and sports and to imbibe good values in students at this early point of their life. 


At this level, the students start feeling at home in school, and it is an eager stage of hunger for new learning. The lessons are conceived in such a way that the teacher stimulates the interests of a student and sparks his imagination. With a well-balanced programme that promotes physical as well as mental activity, a healthy lifestyle is promoted in the junior school. 

The students are introduced to reading through visits to the extensive library and their creativity is given a boost by means of art classes. Participation in sports is encouraged and the teachers work on polishing their social skills and identity building. The curriculum focuses on better academic performance and fostering positive attitude among students. 


This is the preamble and preparation to secondary and senior secondary education. So the main aim at this level is to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the concepts. This is achieved by extensive use of technology that aids classroom teaching for better understanding of the difficult subjects. The homework is a stimulating revision exercise given generally in the form of worksheets. 

A lot of effort is put into improving spoken English skills of the pupils with special attention to correct pronunciation and diction. Trips and excursions are organized on a regular basis to add experience to education. Also a variety of co-curricular and sports activities are encouraged to ensure a healthy all-round development of the students.